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Want to grow your own home grown vegetables but not sure what to do? You might have a bit of experience or maybe you have never grown your own vegetables before, Hunter Backyard Veggie Growers can help you grow your own fantastic home grown vegetables.

I come to you

Veggie Garden Consulting

For Individuals: If you are looking for a once off visit, I am available to come to your garden and consult on all things to do with your vegetable patch. We will talk about your unique requirements and what you are wanting to achieve.  A fee of $250 for a 2-hour visit applies and is the recommended time I would suggest for the small to medium sized garden.  To maximise the benefit of the visit, a list of things you wish to discuss would be helpful prior to the day. I would be happy to discuss any additional time you may need.

For Groups: You may think it's a great time to have some of your friends join in.  Your friends can also learn as we talk about your home grown vegetables, however the focus would remain on your garden.  A maximum of four additional people if you want to have your friends join in. 

Let me know where you are located, and a little about your veggie garden experience so far. We will arrange a time for a consultancy visit and we will sit down at the site and discuss what you are thinking, how much time you can spend in your garden, and what your wish-list is. I'll tailor the session according to your needs which may include things like herb gardens, veggie beds, fruit trees, compost systems, water systems, or veggie protection.

If you want to know more, contact me here.

Fee inclusions:
The fees listed for visits to your garden include travel within a 50 km radius of Newcastle, and include my time as indicated. If you live further away or have a larger garden, I would be happy to negotiate the fee.

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