The Secret of what I plant in November and December

Things really heat up in my veggie garden in November and December.  There is a lot that I plant that will be harvested throughout Summer and into Autumn. I keep in mind that whatever I plant this time of the year needs to be able to handle the heat and humidity of the summer months.

I have developed a plan for my veggie patch based on the records of all of my plantings over the last four years since I have moved here.  This strategy helps me avoid repeating the failures I have had in the past (there have been a few) and also help me to repeat the success of the good crops.  So, here is my plan over the next couple of months.

Sweet Cord
Sweet Cord

Tomatoes. I will buy a couple of cherry tomatoes and plant in mid December.  With any luck I should be able to harvest these into winter.
Sweet Corn. Plant seed directly into the soil early November and again in early December. Here is how to do it.
Chilli.  I will buy a plant in November and put it in a spot that gets sun in winter so I can harvest late in the season.
Beans. Sow bush beans seeds now and again in mid December.
Zucchini, Cucumbers, Rock Melons and Watermelons.  Sow direct into a warm spot now and stand back!  They will grow like stink.  I will plant zucchini again in mid December.
Ginger.  I have mine in already, but if you haven’t, buy a piece from the markets and get it in.
Herbs I will plant in November are flat leaf Parsley and Dill.


November Bush Beans
Bush Beans

Salad Greens grow fast this time of year if you keep them moist.  I will sow direct or plant seedlings when I have space in the garden available.
Crops like:
Lettuce.  Plant seedlings every 3 weeks.
Radish. Sow directly into the garden every 3 weeks.
Coriander. Sow seed into a cooler spot every 4 weeks.
Spring Onions. Plant seedlings every 5 weeks.
Rocket, Beetroot, Watercress and English Spinach for green salad leaves every 4 weeks when I get a spot.


Thriving Zucchini
Thriving Zucchini

So, the cat’s out of the bag and my secrets are out.  I will tweak this plan depending on the availability of space in my veggie patch, but it is a good plan!

If you want to check out what I planted in September and October, check out the blog where I spilled my secrets.  I adjusted it a bit as the months progressed because I needed to, but it is pretty close.




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