The secret is out! What I plant in September and October

Spring really hits my garden in a rush in September and October.  It’s the time of the year that I enjoy the planting of seeds or young seedlings.  I really enjoy the anticipation of a crop growing.  The waiting is all the more worth it when you get a good crop.  I reckon that this time of year, if you sit still long enough you can hear the veggies growing.

Tomorrow is September 1, and that means that I need to put into place the planting plan I developed during winter.  Over the past 4 years I have recorded all of my plantings and the success or failure of the crop since I have moved here.  I have had a few colossal failures along the way I can tell ya!  As a result I have a pretty good idea of what to plant and when. If you don’t do it already, start recording what you do.  It really helps if you want to consistently harvest the best crops.  To get you started, here is my plan for the next couple of months.

September Planting 2Tomatoes: in early September I plant the first 6 plants.  I also sow seed of heirlooms now to plant in mid October.
Sweet Corn: plant seedlings now and follow with 3 more direct sowing every 4 weeks.
Potatoes: if you can get some quality seed potatoes plant them now.
Capsicum: early October, plant seedlings of sweet long yellow or californian wonder.
Beans: sow bush bean seeds now and again in mid October.  I also sow climbing beans for drying now.


Zucchini, Cucumbers and Pumpkins: mid September sow direct and repeat if desired end OctoberSeptember Planting 3
Lettuce: plant seedlings now and again in 4 weeks.
Spring Onions: plant seedlings now and sow seed for transplanting in 5 weeks.
Rocket, beetroot for salad leaves, perpetual spinach, radish, basil, parsley, silver beet, are all planted early September for a quick harvest crop.
It’s also a great time to put in Ginger and Rhubarb



September Planting 4So that’s it.  All of my veggie secrets for all to see.  Hope it helps you get better results this year.  I’ll add more to the list as the plans develop.

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